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Researcher service network is one of the Babylon University of Electronic Services. This service allows researchers to raise their participation pad on network servers University of Babylon and thus guarantee delivery to the members of the editorial board overseeing the Journal of Iraqi National Journal of Chemistry . Researcher have to enter a range of information you want to participate with us. We will recycle this information and the work reports are sent to the editorial boards at the university and after informed experts of specialists will be sent to the electronic paper is included in the preparation of their issuance, while the magazine. A set of usage policies and conditions of use and policy has to be to brief them who wants to publish before you start lifting Posts

Journal of Iraqi National Journal of Chemistry  is a scientific magazine sober and registered with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Iraqi figures ISSN \ ISBN and can be adopted in publishing academic masters researchers and get the reference through scientific promotions functional or adopted as a reference by writing a biography of research for Iraqi academics and Arabs alike. Also, this location you're on right now is one of the best five Arab Academy specializes in the research sites to publish academic papers. We offer you in lifting your posts List magazine ratings interface. You can choose classification magazine that would like to deliver your posts to it and then you Bmle electronic form attached. Then a team of network administrators re-send the electronic form to the editorial staff of the magazine you chose when you lift. Will brief the members of the editorial staff to participate to determine their suitability for publication and after approval guarantee you posted on the website of the magazine and on the paper version. That you feel that there is something wrong happened during this process you can email us at the postal address: admin@iqnjc.com. Note that we do not welcome is inquiries, and any other kind of messages will be ignored.

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Filing Number

Number of filing in the ministry of culture and number of scientific registration explained below:

Number of filing in the house of books and documents in Baghdad is 1309 in 2009.
ISSN online:2223-6686

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The Iraqi national journal of chemistry has many volumes and editions. Users can use the index to start browsing.
sending your participations please read the terms of policy in the Iraqi national journal of chemistry in order that we will be able to review the participation accurately.
A copy of the journal of university of Babylon is available in the library of Iraqi scientific magazines.Click Here to visit